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Our Warranty and Disclaimer Guarantee


  1. Covers all trees, bushes and grass within your landscape (up to 8500 sq ft).
  2. We will correct all issues that arrive in your landscape.
  3. We guarantee at least 8 treatments per year.
  4. We will treat the area as many times as necessary to correct the issues at no additional cost *. These are called follow up treatments.
  5. Follow-up treatments are treatments that occur between paid treatments and are not a replacement for paid treatments. 
  6. If there was a recent follow-up treatment and a cure is completed, we may put the last treatment as the next paid treatment. This especially if the scheduled paid treatment is unable to be completed due to rain out, temperature out, and/or wind out days. 
  7. Work may be completed a week before or after the scheduled paid treatment date but it does not affect your scheduled payment date.
  8. Only valid with an 8 times per year treatment plan.


  1. Warranty does not cover damages incurred by mechanical means (i.e root pruning, construction damages, trenching, compaction, over pruning, topping, etc.); this applies to damages after signing up for the Organic Landscape Care Plan.
  2. Warranty does not cover damages caused by the use of fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides that are applied by the homeowner or anyone else other than employees of Arbor-Tech Consulting.
  3. Warranty does not cover damages caused from the environment (i.e. high winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightening strikes, etc.)
* All treatments that are required to correct the above problems will be at an additional cost.

Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborists, can be scheduled to come to your residence, business, or land and give you a Free Estimate for the prevention of construction damage or diseases.

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