Preservation of Trees and Plants

We pride ourselves in being able to save the "unsavable trees"! This is how I have earned the name The Tree Whisperer.
We have helped trees that have been failing due to construction damage, lightening strikes, herbicide damage, splits in trees, improper pruning/trimming, storm damage and various diseases. However, that is not all our organic treatments are limited to they also work extremely well on lawns. This includes getting rid of brown spots, providing you with a lush green lawn year round, which includes the winter time. Let us know when your ready to have the greenest grass, plants, and trees in your neighborhood and we will come treat your lawn. You can also look at our Organic Landscape Program, which will give you year round treatments at $75 per month.
Our treatments are safe for people, pets, and the environment. We primarily use organic biostimulants, but on the occasion that we have to treat for pests some environmentally friendly chemicals may be used. All of our treatments come with a warranty and are completely organic!
Our ISA Board Certified Master Arborists, can be scheduled to come to your residence, business, or land and give you a Free Estimate for the prevention of construction damage or diseases.

preservation of trees